Art Africa museum reproductions of African Lieutenant Surgeonfish, artifacts South Africa

Hummingbird Studio life-like handpainted artifacts of African Lieutenant Surgeonfish, museum reproductions made in KwaZulu-Natal, Sdafrika

Life-like museum reproductions
Authentic replicas of South African wildlife reproduced in faithful details, down to the the smallest feather and last scale. Every item is hand painted and individually finished. Unique mould making and casting methods allow us to capture in the minutest details, all features of the wildlife we reproduce.
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Durban Natural science museum - wildlife sculptures authentics replica of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals by South African artists. Manufacturers of authentic life-size replicas of African wildlife lizards, tortoises, crocodiles, snakes and chameleons. Sculptured clay forms the base, to create authentic replicas of reef fish, sharks and dolphins. Sea turtles, star fish and coral originals were donated by the Oceanographic Research Institute of Durban. Collection based on hand carved wooden originals of birds from the South African bushveld, water birds and South African garden birds and wild forest birds.

Lieutenant Surgeonfish


Hummingbird Studios
sculptures of African Lieutenant Surgeonfish

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Lieutenant Surgeonfish
Acanthurus tennenti
This fellow is common in the Sodwana Bay area where it can be observed singly or in pairs. The body colour can vary depending on its behavioural mood. It is found in depth of 10-25 meter.
item number:106
width:18 cm
height:13,5 cm
Boxed weight:650 gr
Price: ZARand 210
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Prices are wholesale prices and a minimum order of ZAR 2,500 is required to qualify. You may compile an asortment of different sculptures.
sculpture of Lieutenant Surgeonfish - Acanthurus tennentisculpture of Lieutenant Surgeonfish - Acanthurus tennenti
sculpture of Lieutenant Surgeonfish - Acanthurus tennenti
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